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Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair

Sean McKeever and Courtney Adair have spent the last 7 years together, traveling, training,
teaching and competing all over the world.
Over this time they have accrued numerous national titles in strictly swing and jack and jill
competitions, several awards on the NASDE circuit, and consistent top placements in the
Classic Swing Division.
They are most well known for their innovative and intellectual teaching, approachable and social
attitudes, and unique interpretation of traditional West Coast Swing.

Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin

Maxence Martin is one of the most renowned west coast swing performers and teachers of the world! Ex-Champion of judo and black belt, he started his dance carreer in Lindy-Hop. Quickly he fell in love with WCS. His energetic and precise way of teaching always draw big numbers of dancers to his classes. Virginie Grondin is one of the best female west coast swing dancers in Europe. Together with Maxence she place 5th at the US Open classic division in 2016. Virginie has been dancing since she was five years old! In 2012 she partnered up with Maxence. Together, they are the most succesful French couple in their own country and abroad.

Lee Easton & Fabienne Easton

Are from Stoke on Trent and London, UK. They have been dancing together for 8 years and during that time have been competing at the highest levels of Country in the UCWDC Masters and West Coast Swing in the NASDE Classic divisions.
Lee & Fab have a background in Linedance and have both previously won the UCWDC World Superstar division they also have  number of linedance choreographies that are danced in competition and on the social floor.
They teach WCS 3 nights a week plus regular monthly events, they also hold two international weekend events, Detonation Dance & Midland Swing Open.

Alexandre Peducasse & Christelle Antenucci

Alexandre and Christelle have been dancing and teaching together since 2011, first in Geneva and then all over the world. Thanks to their unwavering dedication and commitment, in 2015 they rose to the Allstar division in competition. International competitors, judges and teachers, they are known for their technical approach to dance with simple and easy to follow explanations. They love to share their passion with everybody and are known for being accessible and approachable.


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Alexandre Peducasse

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